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About Us

CoviFeedIndia is a pan-India volunteer initiative to help COVID-impacted families (and others finding it hard to cook for themselves due to restrictions), quickly and easily find ‘ghar wala khana’ by contacting home-food providers (volunteers, home chefs, tiffin services) near them basis location. This is live as we build coz time is key, keep coming back as the providers keep getting added.

All home food-providers (paid services or free) – please login and add details here to make yourself easily searchable by families who need your help. You can add your details, your availability, along with any pictures of your tiffin menu / packaging / messaging and any comments. You could edit your details at any time and switch off your availability as your personal situation demands.

Families struggling with COVID-19 are often too weak to cook themselves, and struggle with access to help due to quarantine norms. While food and nutrition is key to faster recovery, that itself becomes a challenge. With our hospitals choked, we need to help people recover at home.

There are numerous home-chefs, tiffin services, and volunteers who have come forward to provide home-cooked meals in their neighbourhoods. Currently, their reach is dependent on word-of-mouth and multiple versions of messages, images and lists prepared and circulated in WhatsApp groups and social media platforms, making it hard for people to keep tracking at scale. It’s time we combine our energies and channelize it to make it sustainable than struggling individually and losing more

Please help in spreading the word and sharing in your networks, society groups, alum groups, office communities. We are in this together, let’s join hands and help India recover faster.